Comments in my website  GUEST BOOK  will be most welcome!

The comments below are from my old website guest book. 
They might encourage you to visit the garden in person. 

Linda Knott - USA.. 

I came to your site to see about your Fairy Garden, but was enthralled with the entire site.  I read your 
life story and all the other pages you have. What a fascinating life and your  gardens are marvellous. 
I love gardens, but have never had any luck with them myself

Rebecca Kooner

What a beautiful site! i really loved your garden and we hope to see it when we visit the island. Thanks 
for sharing it with me, from Becky

Colin Dryland

Hi Reg What a really wonderful site, I still miss the island very much, even after 30yrs.  
Thanks for sharing

Monika Beuschel

Hi Reg, I love to have a look at your wonderful garden. Although not all webcams work  with my pc, I 
must say I enjoy it very much. Next time I visit Jersey with my family I will not miss to visit your gardens 
personally and meet you (hopefully). I just wonder whether your gardens are open daily or only at certain 
days (or times). But I will find out until then.

Best regards to you and your family from German fans

Simon Weatherley

What an awesome website. We are coming to the channel islands on honeymoon in June. We are
 really looking forward to it.

Lars-Erik Franson

super idea to allow everyone to enjoy your beautiful garden

Hilda Perrett

super idea to allow everyone to enjoy your beautiful garden

Duane Vickers

Your Garden is really a inspiring piece of Art, I look forward to looking at your web-site more. Thanks for 
sharing your story and pics.


Hello Reg, Your site is the most beautiful and inspiring that I have come across, I am truly sincere. You are 
entitled to be so proud of all your hard work - and no doubt that of others too - for that is certainly what it 
has been - and no doubt still is. I have found your writings a joy and so easy to read, and the photographs 
of your family and all that surrounds you an absolute pleasure. We are only here for a very short moment in 
time, it is lovely to be remembered in a special way and you have left your immortal imprint held within your 
lovely home and surroundings, and the site that you have created for us all - which so many have shared and 
enjoyed. A short line would not have been enough !! Sending warm wishes to yourself and family. 

Pauline, Devon.

With ancestors still lying within Lovely Jersey.


Your garden is a beauty! Good luck with it and keep the good work coming!

LH Wong

Hi Reg, What a compelling read!! Love your life story and can only dream about the pond that you have. 
Thank you so much for sharing. There is plenty of richness in your life indeed. Cheers, Wong Singapore

Gary W

Hi Reg, what an amazing garden you have, well done and keep up the good work. Loved every minute of it.


just looking through your guest book for the first time its plain to see how everyone is very impressed 
with the little heaven you have created. I would just like to thank you for all the advise you have given via 
email as a new aviary keeper its much appreciated

steve king

so enthralled by reading your life i had to print it off so absorbing it could easily be made into a fascinating 
film great story


Just wanted to say what a wonderful piece of heaven you have created here on earth! As a relatively new 
gardener (about 7 years) I was in awe of your eye for

design and creativity. We never stop GROWING do we? A Canadian Admirer 

Sarah Rostron

I think what you have done with your garden is absolutely amazing and an inspiration to all.

Donna D'Andrea

You shared this site with the rest of us on Let's Talk Tiels club on Yahoo.  I love to just look at the pictures. You have a piece of heaven I thank you for sharing this with the rest of the world to appreciate and admire. Ir is absolutely beautiful!.

Rita Ann Meachen-Black

I am speechless. An incredible achievement. Safe haven for all flora and fauna and a prize must surely
 be forthcoming for your hard work. A blessing to mankind and especially for Jersey. A dedicated 
Gentleman indeed. I must upgrade my goal to visit the home of my forebears that my Father, Uncle 
and Grandfather loved so much and told me so much about. Hope to meet you one day Reg Blessings
 to you for continued good health and happiness. 



Hi Reg, what a wonderful place you have.. Well worth a trip to come see.. Very glad to see there are others 
out there that love and care about landscaping and animals like myself... Keep up the great work and hobby...


hi reg.....beautiful beautiful garden...ben Franklin is looking at it too. you are such wonderful person to planet
 earth and nature to have constructed such a lovely piece of heaven and for sharing it to people on earth. 
peace and happy holidays to you. if you ever need any help....I will be right there to help you in anyway. thanks 
so much...keep up the good work, hugs, 
Neil s. hunt san francisco, california U.S.A.


Reg Your gardens remind me of the Buchart Gardens on Vancouver Island in British Columbia Canada. It was 
a dream of mine for years to go to Butchart Gardens and this past July I finally did. Now for years I will be 
dreaming of visiting your lovely gardens, and I hope that someday I may. How generous of you to include bird 
and fish rescue, and to host Open Gardens to benefit worthy causes. You are making a beautiful difference in the world. 


Tom & Diana

Hi Reg. We really like the low angle shot of the pond and bridge. Someone has a lot of artistic talent. What a 
wonderful idea to make it available to the whole world via the internet. We are looking forward to visiting the 
garden again next year, a great advert for Jersey.


What a wonderful sanctuary you have created! You are living the life I can only dream about. Thanks for sharing it
 with us. Take care and keep up the fantastic work. Your friend in Austin TX, USA.


What an incredible place to visit online!! I hope to visit when I come back home for a holiday! You have done 
a fantastic job

Brian Grant

From Mt Martha in Australia A superlative achievement, Reg. The concept outstanding, the detail exhausting
 and the outcome a benchmark in environmental design and sensitivity. 


what you accomplished seemed the impossible yet you went through that barrier and met your desires 
and standards. Congratulations on a job well done

Architect Godwin

I am from Rancho Cucamonga, Ca USA. I love touring your garden on line, especially the pond. What a 
wonderful thing you have created in your garden.  All of us from the online pond newsgroup marvel at 
your accomplishment.

Great job Sir.

Carol Fickling

what a wonderful paradise. thank you for letting me see it. I am going to use some of your ideas. I am
 from Ontario Canada


Dear Reg, I have had a look at your website and it looks fantastic. It is quite inspirational seeing as it 
was camping space not so long ago.  It is also very helpful is helping me gain a deeper awareness 
of Jersey - thank you. 
Bianca Lapins PR & Marketing Executive Royal Horticulture Society Britain in Bloom & Bicentenary


Every now and then in one's life someone special steps forward and does something for the good of all, 
including wildlife. Reg, you are one of those rare, special people. I am proud to be your friend. Your
 accomplishments in building your fantastic pond, garden and aviary is truly recognized.  However, 
to continue to expand the accomplishment by sharing it with the rest of us is a feat in itself. I know you 
have a tremendous amount  of hours in building your Web site and I am having a blast watching it grow. 
Of course I've had a few beers watching your progress. I am anxious in one sense for the final product but 
on the other hand I can see that it is possible for it to ever end as there will be so much to tell. I hope that
 one day I can walk those paths that I see in the pictures. Take care!


Dear Reg 
Congratulations on all your hard work with transforming that field into a haven. Having being privileged to
 enjoy your friendship and watch the development of your "pond" over the years, it is wonderful to be able 
to see it in all its glory on the Web. You and Mary have always been the most generous hosts and 
welcomed friends and guests to your home and gardens with that very special skill of making everything
 an unique experience of complete pleasure. 

Now through the marvels of modern technology you are able to welcome the world to share the beauty 
and vision of your very special garden. Congratulations on creating a veritable Garden of Eden - Jersey.  T
ourism should give you a special award for putting Jersey on the Web in such a spectacular way.  
Alan Titmarch - who's he?  Reg Langlois is the Master Gardener we all love and admire! 

Carry on gardening Reg and carry on sharing it with the world. 

Pat and Peter

Ted Crilly

Wow, what a fantastic site, it is pure brilliance. if only all sites were like this.  the most fantastic and
 interesting site i have ever seen....well done

Alan Campbell

Good morning Reg, from Southern Vancouver Island. Came across your site through the Garden Forum 
Web-site. Fantastic job. I can relate to the work you have done. I also enjoy working with rock and building 
waterways.  Thank you for sharing your garden with your community and with us here on the web. I would 
like to shake your hand some day.

I think that they enjoyed seeing the garden online and in person.